“There is no starting or stopping, only doing” - “A Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman


My friend once told me: “You should focus on creating content now. Later, when you look back, you take a breath and see what you’ve been doing all this time”. I smiled, and answered: “Of course, I’ll do it as soon as possible”. This happened a couple of years ago.

I remember myself through years, when I was looking through sites from self-made people I was inspired by: John Sundell, Krzysztof Zabłocki, Paul Hudson, Chris Eidhof and others. And something was always telling me whether I start doing it today or never. And this feeling was after me for a long long time. But my idealistic mind (read: “lazyness”), didn’t let me even proceed further than selection of a blogging platform.

Something happened

The Time (with capital T) during COVID-19, sitting home and etc make me think of what I’m doing, where I am and where I’m heading to. The 2020 made me rethink, that even small input into this world would be appreciated. From the same book mentioned before, there was a phrase “to serve people”. Following that simple rule makes me happy.

The Aim

An ambitious purpose “to serve others” (and my future self). With content, both textual and video.


I am curios, how long could I proceed doing this. People always think on the NY Eve “I will be definitely better self this year than the previous”. So, instead of lying to myself I decided to be honest to me eventually.